Open Classrooms, Endless Possibilities

Silverton - Third Grade

Nine (3x3) Reasons Why Third Grade Is The Place To Be!

1. Cursive Writing

Even though cursive is somewhat of a lost art form, it is still exciting to learn and extremely important when trying to read other peoples’ writing. We hit the ground running in August and learn our letters as quickly as possible so that we can start using our new skills.

2. Weather

The weather in Colorado is always exciting!

3. Storytelling

When Mrs. Brook or Mrs. Wilcox grab the read-aloud book and head for ‘the pit’, we scramble for a good spot on the carpet to hear them tell a tale. We get suspense, funny voices, and cliffhangers. From early on, listening to stories helps us to communicate, remember, and share a passion for reading!

4. Multiplication & Division

By learning multiplication and division facts we provide ourselves with the essential building blocks to do higher learning math. It is one part of math that we will use our ENTIRE LIVES!

5. Regions of the U.S.

We live in an amazing country. We will learn about all the regions and what makes them unique!

6. Chapter Books

Third grade is an extremely important year because it is the time that we go from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. This is a crucial skill that not only helps us discover our passion for reading but also helps us to use our imaginations to explore the wonders of the world. Whether we like mysteries, adventures, biographies, or realistic fiction, “we cannot open a book without learning something”. (Confucius)

7. Independence

We are developing into confident learners who are able to work independently. Our teachers show us that it is ok to make mistakes, teach us different approaches to solving problems, and acknowledge our contributions in positive ways!

8. Responsibility

Mrs. Wilcox & Mrs. Brook think it is really important that we learn how to take responsibility for our own actions. We practice it every day by coming to class prepared, ready to learn, and willing to take academic risks….

 9. Laughter

We invite you to come to our classroom and see us having fun while learning! Every day there are new experiences that our enthusiastic teachers show us through their sense of humor and positive attitudes!