Open Classrooms, Endless Possibilities

Evergreen - First Grade

First grade is an exciting time in the life of young children as they begin to make great strides in social and academic areas. First grade children have a growing sense of independence in both of these areas with considerable variation in development among children. Evergreen teachers work closely with each child to help him/her reach individual and classroom goals.

Here are a few reasons why Evergreen is special:

  • Learning is hands-on and social.
  • Creativity is part of our daily academic lives.
  • We plant and care for apple trees in Beattieā€™s outdoor classroom.
  • We learn about the needs of plants, and everyone get to grow seeds.
  • Projects teach us about being effective members of a team.
  • We pursue academic interests as a whole class, in small groups, and on an individual basis.
  • Our open environment is inviting.
  • Our work is appropriately challenging.
  • We are developing our problem solving skills in both academic and social areas.
  • We are becoming independent, fluent readers and writers!
  • Guest speakers motivate us to learn.
  • Spellbinder storytellers engage us in their stories.
  • Field trips let us explore the world outside our classrooms.
  • Technology keeps us engaged and excited about learning.
  • We explore mathematical concepts using manipulatives.
  • We reflect on our strengths and struggles and set goals to help us grow as students.
  • We learn about empathy and practice showing respect and kindness to every person in our Evergreen family.
  • The boundaries between work and play fade away!

By the end of the school year, Evergreen students have pursued a wide range of activities and are more confident in their abilities as thinkers and learners.