1. All visitors to Beattie, please report to the school office to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. 

  2. Volunteers must register before volunteering in our school. It is important to us to identify visitors to our school in order to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

  3. A bell will ring at 8:48 AM each morning signaling that it’s time to line up. Backpacks may be placed outside the classroom door as students arrive and before going to the playground. Supervision begins at 8:35 AM. Students should line up outside their classroom door or other designated location when they hear the morning bell. School starts at 8:50 AM.

  4. Students that arrive to school on time and have regular attendance have the best opportunity to learn. Any student arriving late should check in at the office before joining their class. Parents will receive a call from the office to verify the whereabouts of a student if they are absent and the school has not been informed of the absence. Please call the attendance line at 488-4226 to report an absence. Beattie has an attendance policy and closely monitors student tardiness and absences from school. Students who are tardy or whose absences are viewed as frequent will be contacted by school staff to communicate the concern. A conference may be necessary to ensure that the concern is addressed. Other actions may be required if no improvement is noted.

  5. Be aware of school start and dismissal times. School begins at 8:50 AM. All students should be inside and beginning the day with their classmates. Half-day kindergarten students dismiss at 12:50 PM, while all other students are dismissed from school at 3:28 PM. Early Childhood classes are the exception. (SEE OUR EC TEACHERS FOR SPECIFIC TIMES)

  6. Children may use the telephones in the classrooms or office only in an emergency or when determined to be appropriate by staff. Student cell phones should be turned off during school hours.

  7. The optimal time for parents to contact staff is before or after school hours each day. Staff are usually unable to take calls at other times due to their schedule and teaching responsibilities. Please call your child’s classroom directly (the teacher will give you their extension as this reduces the number of calls to the main office) and leave a detailed message, if necessary. Email is also an effective mode of communication and is typically checked throughout the day. Expect a response within 24 hours in most cases. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please arrange a time that works for both of you.​ 

  8. Student birthdays are recognized once a month. Our PTO or BAT brings students together once a month to celebrate during their birthday month. A special treat is also provided (alternate treats can be provided because of food allergies and other diet restrictions). Parents will sometimes bring an additional treat to share with the students in the class and unit. Often, those sweet treats are handed out during lunch.

  9. Beattie observes several school-wide celebrations a year. This year, whole school celebrations/parties will coincide with Halloween (October) and Winter Holiday (December) and Valentine’s Day (February). Parents are encouraged to work with teachers and other parents to identify treats and activities to bring for the class.

  10. Be aware of district policies regarding foods brought from home and shared with others. We do have students with life-threatening food allergies, and even exposure can be a problem. Check with your child’s teacher to determine if any foods should be specifically avoided. Foods brought to school and shared with other students as part of a celebration must be store bought to ensure safe preparation and consumption.

  11. Parents are asked to wait for their children in the front of the school or on the playground both in the morning and at dismissal. This is to avoid the disruption or distraction caused when parents enter the classroom area or hallway near our classrooms as the day is wrapping up and students are discussing some of the events to take place the next day.

  12. Please note where to drop off and pick up students each day. Safety is important and it takes all of us, working together, to be sure that everyone is safe when arriving and leaving school. Please use the front of the school on Meadowlark to drop off or pick up students. This zone is not for parking in the morning. The cul de sac just north of Beattie is another convenient area to drop off students. There is daycare van parking available in front of the school. Visitor parking is located on the streets surrounding our school. Please keep the parking lot open for staff. We recognize that at times, parking can be difficult.  (Click here for MORE DETAILS) 

  13. Students are discouraged from bringing toys or personal electronics from home. Toys and other devices have a tendency to get lost, misplaced or stolen, or broken, and can also cause conflict between students. Electronics used for learning and approved by the school are allowed. Footballs, soccer balls, and other playground equipment are acceptable, should be clearly marked, and will be shared among students.

  14. Please send children to school dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and potential changes in the weather. We do go outside even when the temperature is very cold, unless below 10-15 degrees and depending on conditions.

  15. Payments connected to the school food program should be completed online. Families are encouraged to make payments online, either through the district website or Beattie website. If sending money to school, please be sure that it is in a sealed envelope. Include first and last name (names of other kids if paying for more than one). List the dollar amount on the front of the envelope. There are free and reduced meal costs for those qualifying for that assistance. Breakfast and lunch now cost:   Daily Breakfast = $1.45       Daily Lunch = $2.785     Milk Only = $.50  

  16. Our school utilizes a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBiS) approach, in which behavioral expectations are taught and positive choices rewarded. Our motto is “RAMS Climb Higher”, with RAMS standing for R- Respect All, A- Act Responsibly, M- Motivated to Learn, and S- Safety We recognize positive student behavior through acknowledgement, compliments, certificates and awards, and individual and class “RAMS Notes”. Students also have the opportunity to be recommended as a Beattie "Rockstar" for outstanding acts. Behavior that is disruptive to learning or negatively impacts others requires different actions and associated consequences.

  17. Outside recesses and physical education are part of our total school program. Fresh air and exercise help maintain good health. If your child is well enough to attend school, he/she will be expected to participate in P.E. class and recess. A note or written request from the parent or doctor is required if a student will be excused from physical activity because of an illness or injury or other medical condition.

  18. Children of parent volunteers who are not directly involved in the field trip or activity may not ride with or accompany the adult volunteer on the field trip. These types of activities are not designed as family outings and therefore require a different level of supervision. While this guideline may not be popular, the decision behind it is in the best interest of our students and is supported by District policy. It may be necessary to hold a lottery drawing to determine which adults might be asked to help supervise on field trips because of the high interest expressed by our parents.

  19. Students are encouraged to dress in a neat and attractive manner that reflects pride in themselves and their school. Clothing needs to permit the student to participate in all school related activities, regardless of weather. 
    1. Proper gym shoes should be worn for physical education classes. While flip flops, Crocs, and sandals are permitted, students should bring gym shoes when they participate in P.E. classes.
    2. Shirts with no straps, narrow straps, or shirts too revealing are not appropriate attire for a school setting. Short-shorts also fall into this category.
    3. Baggy pants that hang low and reveal a student’s underwear are also inappropriate for school.
    4. Hats should be removed when inside the building unless part of a celebration or event or necessary for an individual due to special circumstances. Hats are allowable outside the building.
    5. Hoodies should not be worn in the building in such a way as to cover the head or face.
    6. Students who wear shirts with inappropriate statements or pictures that cause or have the potential to cause disruption to the learning of others will be asked to wear the shirt inside out or will be provided with another shirt if one is available.

 Thank you for your support of our school!  Mr. Patterson & Beattie Staff