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Positive Behavior - RAMS/PBiS

Beattie is a Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBiS) school. What this means is that we have clear expectations school-wide regarding what we want from our students. PBiS involves teaching our expectations, and reinforcing and recognizing when students are making good choices and following school and classroom rules. Besides the typcial recognition through compliments and acknowledgement, our students also receive RAMS notes. They collect their RAMS notes as a grade level, and students are chosen every other week from that collection to join the principal for lunch. Students chosen are listed in our Monday morning video announcements. Students are also nominated by our staff as Beattie "Rockstars" for outstanding acts. 

Our students strive to meet and exceed expectations. RAMS stands for: R- Respect All; A- Act Responsibly; M- Motivated to Learn; and S- Safety. These actions are important in school, but also transfer to the home and other environments.