Open Classrooms, Endless Possibilities

Open Classrooms, Endless Possibilities

Spirit Days

Everyone gets in the spirit of fun and learning at Beattie on Spirit Days! Wear your favorite Beattie school spirit wear on Fridays when we don’t have an identified theme.

Beattie Elementary Spirit Day Themes for 2023-2024

Friday, September 1 - 

Hawaiian Day - Wear a Hawaiian shirt, lei of flowers, straw hat, grass skirt, and flip flops. Bright colors would look great too.


Friday, September 15 - 

Hat Day - Choose your favorite hat or a hat that is unique and wear it to school.


Friday, September 29 - 

Stuffed Animal Day (Friday, October 7) - Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school. Keep it close to you.


Friday, October 13 - 

SCHOOL COLORS  - Show your school spirit by wearing blue & orange, our official school colors! Be creative and find other ways to show our school colors.


Tuesday, October 31 - 

Halloween Costume Parade - Bring your Halloween costume and remember, no blood, gore, or weapons. Wear your costume for the parties and parade.


Thursday, November 9 - 

Crazy Hair Day  - Style your hair in crazy ways with spikes, pig tails or pony tail, colorfully dye, or add odd ornaments like rubber bands or hair clips or wear a silly wig.


Friday, December 1 - 

Gift of Kindness - Do something nice for someone. Give the gift of kindness, like helping them out with something, being a special friend, etc. Try this at home too. Please don’t bring an actual gift to give.


Friday, December 15 - 

Dress Wacky Day - Wear bright colors, turn your clothes backwards or inside out, or set a new trend. The key here is to be creative


Friday, December 22 - 

Holiday Colors/Ugly Holiday Sweater/Holidays Around the World Day - The holidays are here and ugly sweaters are fun. Wear an ugly sweater or shirt. Red and green or clothes that have pictures or symbols of the holidays are great. Santa hats work well. Wear clothes that are more traditional and represent the holidays in other cultures too.


Friday, January 12 - 

Crazy Sock Day - Wear colorful socks on your feet or decorate yourself using socks in creative ways.


Friday, January 26 - 

Pajama Day - Stay in the pajamas you wore the night before and wear them to school. No slippers though. Students should wear regular shoes for PE and recesses.


Friday, February 9 - 

Crazy Hair Day  - A student favorite, so we’ll do it again. Style your hair in crazy ways with spikes, pig tails or ponytail, colorfully dye, or add odd ornaments like rubber bands or hair clips or wear a silly wig.


Tuesday, February 14 - 

Red or Pink for Valentine's Day - Wear red in celebration of Valentine's Day. Pink would be great too.


Friday, February 23 - 

Tie Dye Day - Find your favorite piece of tie-dyed clothing and wear it to school


Friday, March 8 - 

Buddy Up Day - Older students “buddy up” with younger students and do an activity together.  Go outside for a special recess, read together, or do some other fun activity together.


Friday, March 29 - 

Favorite Character Day - Participate by wearing anything that has your favorite character on it. Characters might be from books, comics, movies, video games, etc. For example, if you like Spiderman, wear a t-shirt or hat that has the Spiderman comic book character on it.


Friday, April 12 - 

Twin/Triplet Day - Find a friend and dress the same. Expand that pairing to a group of students and plan to wear the same thing or look similar.


Friday, April 26 - 

Superhero Day - Dress like your favorite superhero, make your own superhero costume, or wear something with superheroes on it


Thursday, May 3 - 

Star Wars Day - Wear anything that has Star Wars pictured in celebration of "May the 4th (force) be with you". 


Friday, May17 - 

Dress Like A Staff Member Day - This is a new spirit day theme. Think about the Beattie staff, and dress like one of them. Wear glasses like Mrs. Duffy, style your hair like Mrs. Cripe, grow a beard like Mr. Whicker or Mr. Eichlin. Be creative.


Thursday, May 30 - 

Beattie Spirit Day - Wear any t-shirt you’ve gotten this year or in past years that is a Beattie t-shirt. Consider the Fall frolic fun run, Schools on the Move Challenge, or spirit wear you’ve purchased.

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