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Kindness Club

Kindness Club is open to 3-5th grade students who are willing to give up their lunch/recess on most Fridays to create posters and work on community services projects.  Projects include; Cans Around the Oval, holiday cards and letters for seniors in care facilities, Sockentine’s Day (a sock drive for people in need), Earth Day, Random Acts of Kindness week. At our first meeting the students complete a “contract” to commit their recess time on Fridays and to be a leader in spreading kindness.

Here are a few quotes from the students writing; I want to be in Kindness Club because…

"I love seeing people happy and to let them know someone cares”

“I want to be kind and make more friends”

“I want to make a difference in the world”

“I want to help the school be kind”

“I was in it last year and it was REALLY fun and it was not a waste of my time”

“I like to help other kids that need a smile”

“I want to learn how to be more kind”

I love to make art and spread kindness”

Our goal is to promote kindness in our school and community.  Beattie students help with many projects such as "Cans Around the Oval" and "Sockentine's Day"

Thank You Beattie!!

Thank you Beattie!!!  Our school collected an impressive amount of canned food!

Congratulations Beattie, for showing our community how much we care!!