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Reading Club

The Beattie literacy program, called “Reading Club,” provides students in Kdg. – 4th grades with supplemental small group instruction in reading to help them reach grade level expectations.  These fast-paced, engaging lessons are taught in groups of 4 – 6 children for 30 – 45 minutes each day, Monday – Thursday.  There is a strong collaboration between the literacy teacher and classroom teachers in order to create a meaningful bridge between the instruction in the literacy program and in the regular classroom.  Through the use of on-going assessments, students’ instruction is tailored to their individual needs. Children read a variety of books selected at their instructional level, as they work on applying the decoding and comprehension strategies they are learning. To help increase reading fluency and improve comprehension, phonics and high frequency word knowledge are stressed.  Instructional games and hands-on activities are used to teach these skills, and provide a motivating, fun environment for learning.

        Parent involvement is a crucial component of the literacy program.  Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s learning in a variety of ways.  They are asked to read with their child every night, then sign and record the number of books or minutes read on a monthly reading log.  Students earn stickers, prizes, certificates, and special snacks as incentives for reading with parents at home.  In addition, learning games and activities are sent home as enjoyable ways for families to practice important reading skills.  Students bring home books they have read during our literacy groups to reread at home.  Some books, with their names on them, are for students to keep and build their own personal libraries.  Children decorate a large “Book Box” in the fall to store all of the books, games, and activities they collect during the year. 

        The Beattie “Reading Club” is a supportive, fun way to help children become proficient and life-long lovers of reading!