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Beattie Glossary

A guide to help you understand the acronyms and abbreviations you will hear and see at Beattie. 
There are many components to our school. Many of these components have names, and some of these names are abbreviated to simplify communication. With that in mind, we offer this list of some of the more common terms used at school.

  • BAT -  Beattie Action Team is our parent teacher organization.  BAT is chaired by parents and works to support our school in many ways. Any parent or guardian can be a part of BAT.
  • Bear Lake - BL is our kindergarten unit. We have half-day and full day kindergarten programs.
  • Beacon -  The Gifted and Talented program for identified academically and creatively GT students
  • Bighorn Mountain -  All intervention programs for Literacy and Integrated Services (formerly Special Education).
  • BLT - Beattie Leadership Team. Representatives from each grade level and other positions within our school meet monthly to guide the work of our building. 
  • Castle Rock - CR is our 2nd grade unit.
  • Colorado Measures of School Success - state assessment system replacing the TCAP tests
  • CogAT - The cognitive abilities test given to 2nd graders
  • DAB -  The District Advisory Board is a group of parents and community members who offer input to the Board of Education. One of our BAT members serves on this committee as a representative for Beattie.
  • DRA2 - A reading assessment used to determine reading levels and students who will benefit from an Individualized Literacy Plan (ILP).
  • ELL -  English Language Learners
  • ENCORE -  Classes in Art, Music, PE, and Media are referred to as Encore classes
  • Evergreen -  EV is our 1st grade unit.
  • FOSS -  Full Option Science System is a hands-on experience and a large part of the science curriculum.
  • IEP -  Individual Education Plan; written for students in with special education needs.
  • Longs Peak -  LP is our 5th grade unit.
  • MAPs - Measure of Academic Progress tests in our district to measure growth in the curriculum areas of reading, math and science.  They are given to 2nd – 5th grade students in the fall, winter and spring to track academic growth
  • Mesa Verde -  MV is our 4th grade unit.
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support - a whole-school, data-driven, prevention-based framework for improving student learning outcomes.  This was formally known as Response to Intervention (RtI).
  • OM - Odyssey of the Mind is an extracurricular program designed at creative thinking
  • PBiS - Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a school wide program to help us promote and recognize positive behavior.
  • PLC - Professional Learning Community is a collaboration of educators.
  • PSD -  Poudre School District
  • RAMS - Respect All, Act Responsibly, Motivated to Learn, Safety – an acronym to promote our PBIS efforts
  • READ Plan - Written for students with a specific reading deficiency
  • RtI - Response to Intervention is the name of a series of steps that entail staff and parents collaboratively working to ensure students receive academic and/or behavioral interventions to enhance student success
  • SAC - The School Accountability Committee is a group of one teacher, four parents, a community member, and the principal that oversees student achievement goals and advises the principal about budget
  • Silverton  - SV is our 3rd grade unit