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Beattie Bookworm Club

The Beattie Bookworm Club is an optional reading program at Beattie that encourages everyone to read!  It’s a fact that even pre-readers benefit from having their parents read to them and spending time with books.  Pointing out words and letters and talking about the pictures is perfect for younger primary students.  For all students, more time spent reading builds their vocabulary, increases their confidence and success in school, and improves learning.

The Beattie Bookworm Club is designed to encourage reading by acknowledging and rewarding students when they accomplish a significant goal.  After recording 1000 minutes of time (about 16 hours) spent in reading activities, students turn in a completed reading record to the Media Center.  Bookworm Club members receive a ribbon, are recognized during weekly announcements, and their name is added to the Beattie Bookworm Club bulletin board in the Media Center. The theme may change each year, but the requirements and the goal will remain the same.

If your child wants to become a Bookworm Club member, they need to complete 1000 minutes of reading and fill out the green Bookworm reading record available in the Media Center.